Insights From Attendees

- 84% responded that they learned new health tips and information

 - 61% of attendees had a good body image  

- 71% felt they were in better shape than their mother’s were at their current age


- 98%  read food labels and were already involved in some form of weekly exercise

Key Take Aways From SDW

"I really enjoyed the event wonderful and knowledgeable speakers and the lunch was delicious"

 –Sylvia T.

"I learned about skin care and treatments, something different about soy, tips on dense breast and the impacts of that and food tips

"Great job, keep them coming! Will definitely spread the word for the next ...event!"

"Good food, great event" - Felicia

"Recently my mom passed away and my daughter had noticed a change from my usually upbeat personality. The recent death of my mom had left me really down, but while attending Sisters’ Day of Wellness with my daughter, she noticed me smiling. It meant a lot to be there and discover ways to re- connect physically, mentally and spiritually” - Jo Ann and daughter Jasmine

Survey Testimonials

“I learned about healthy cooking tips and how to fit exercise into my busy schedule”

“I learned about nutrition, skincare, and cooking healthy.  It was a great time to be with other African American women with the same common goal”

“I learned cooking tips and biking club”

“I applaud you for this event”

"I definitely learned some valuable tips today”

”The event was a great one. I had a blast and learned so much. I can't wait for the next one! "

“ learnd about groups to connect with for free”

“I learned about hair care, skincare. I enjoyed myself, met new people..learned about groups that walk around New Jersey”

“I learned about hair care, skin care (tips)..I enjoyed myself, met new people, learned about the walk crowd…." “ I learned about the "benefits of walking and biking”

 “Reclaiming health for self..being visible with healthy lifestyle to improve others”

“(I learned) many tips about eating healthier..Starting with small changes…Specific info about dense breasts that I recently learned I have….I learned about pro-biotics and about cooking healthy”

 “You need to eat good food and not rely on supplements”