Our focus and brand is providing quality content at an inviting destination, making these events memorable and promoting engagement and behavior changes in communities of color, to reduce health disparities for preventable illnesses. The ultimate goal is to begin a heritage of health in these communities, that will be passed down through generations.

Women of color, regardless of income or education are reported to have the highest correlated rates of heart disease and obesity.  Healthy Heritage Lifestyles has created a day to provide women a place to gather, learn and discuss how to better manage their health.

We welcome sponsors, government and community groups with the same vision, to bring together like minded individuals and create healthy lifestyle changes that matter. This day provides the venue for engagement with this community, disseminating information about services and products to develop a blueprint for living a healthy lifestyle.

Seminars, panel discussions and workshops are provided in a setting where participants feel comfortable, supported and involved in shaping the future of their health and their families’ health.

Sisters' Day of Wellness